Friday, August 12, 2016

The Glen Resurfacing Update (Week of August 14):

               Phase I  consisting of:     Chestnut: Lehigh to Patriot         
                                                           Patriot: East Lake to West Lake
                                                           West Lake:  Patriot  to Lake Terrace

               Phase II  consisting of:    Patriot: West Lake to Willow
                                                           Patriot: Willow to Lehigh

The contractor will be finished with pavement removal (grinding) of Phase I by Monday, August 15.  The last section to be ground in Phase I will be Patriot Boulevard between West Lake and Chestnut, which will start on Saturday, August 13. 

The work on concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk removal and replacement will be completed in Phase I by Tuesday, August 16.  Concrete work in Phase II will continue through the rest of the week.   

Final asphalt paving of Phase I  will start Tuesday, August 16, beginning at Chestnut Avenue, and will continue for one week, weather permitting.  Tentative paving scheduled:

               1st location paving – Chestnut
               2nd location paving –Patriot between East Lake and West Lake
               3rd location paving –West Lake

Please note, the paving operation is completed while the roads are open to traffic, therefore expect delays. 

Striping of the Phase I will start on Thursday, August 18.

Also, on Tuesday morning, August 16 the pavement within Phase I will be coated with oil to provide a bonding surface for the new asphalt.  If it is necessary to drive on fresh oil, please drive slowly to prevent splashing the oil and getting it on vehicles.